Womens 50s Bopper Blond Wig


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Looking cute in a vintage style 50’s costume is easy. All you gotta do is put it on, and you’re already most of the way toward being one hip chickadee! The tough part is picking out which kind of style you’re in the mood to wear. Do you feel like showing off in a cute and classy poodle skirt? Or, does something a little more elegant, like a casual dress with some heels and a string of pearls, sound more to your liking?No matter which threads you decide to go cruisin’ around town in, this 50s Bopper Blond Wig has got your retro hairdo covered! This medium-length, golden blond hair is styled and curled at the ends, and can make you look like any 50’s gal, from a teeny bopper at the local sock hop, to a glamorous vintage movie starlet. And since it looks even better with our retro style glasses and headbands, the sky’s the limit, daddy-o!

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