Womens Adventure Time Marceline Sweater Dress

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Cosplaying as Marcy just got a little bit easier! This Womens Marceline Sweater Dress recreates the Adventure Time character’s classic style, so all you need to do is work on your flying skills and your bass guitar riffs (if your bass is made of an ax you get extra points). It won’t hurt to work on your attitude as well. Good ol’ Marceline doesn’t take orders from anyone, she’ll talk back to Princess Bubblegum in a hot second. And she’s definitely not afraid of speaking the truth. Actually, we don’t think she’s afraid of anything. Besides sunshine, that is. With Marcy’s classic red color scheme and a cute little devil kitty on the front, this costume sweater looks just like something she’d wear while on one of her adventures with Finn and Jake. So, slip it on and get ready for your own journey to Ooo! And don’t forget a sunhat, sunbathing is no fun for wicked cool Marceline!

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