Women’s Basic Marie Antoinette Wig

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It’s good to be the Queen! Well…most of the time. Actually, there have been many examples throughout history when being a queen or king has actually gone pretty badly for them, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. One of the best perks of being Queen is the access to extravagant hairdos. When you have someone working for you who’s only job is to make your hair look way better than anyone else’s, the sky is the limit! When you want to look like a proper queen, you need to have the proper hairdo to go with your royal attire. That’s what makes this Marie Antoinette Wig such an appealing accessory for a queen costume, since that Queen of France certainly knew how to live and look like royalty. It’s made of synthetic, white hair styled into ringlets, so you can achieve this look without any pesky dye or having a full-time hair dresser on your staff. It’s such a sophisticated hairstyle to rule in!

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