Women’s Bavarian Girl Wig


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SPRECHEN SIE DEUTSCH?!Do you speak German? Nein? Ok great, neither do we. We just wanted to double-check.Anyway, this women’s Bavarian girl wig will fool everyone into believing you’re actually a German gal because of this one key accessory. Germans are quite infamous for being fair, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Well, that’s just great for all you real Germans out there but us non-Germans want to experience what it’s like to be golden-haired without plastering our heads with bottles of bleach. Is that so much to ask? At HalloweenCostumes.com, we don’t think so, which is exactly why we created the realistic-looking women’s Bavarian girl wig. Just plop it on your head and pretend you’re German. Yup… that’s really all it takes so go ahead and return all that bleach back to the store now. PRODUCT DETAILS The women’s Bavarian girl wig is an exclusive Made by Us accessory meaning it’s high-quality, comfortable, and created with expertise and care. The synthetic blond hair is parted down the middle, styled into two braids, and features an adjustable, interior hair net. A GENUINE BAVARIAN BEAUTY?!Well, you are a beauty but we all know you’re not really a German. Keep fooling ’em by pairing this wig with any of our Made by Us lederhosen costumes.

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