Womens Car Hop Girl Costume – 1950s Car Hop Girl Costume Ideas


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ROLL IN TO THE FUNGeez, the 50s were some pretty swell times, don’tcha think!? Cool guys and hip gals would roll their cruisers right up to Junior’s Diner and Drive-In, order up their grub over the crackling speaker, and then wait as the hip staff would roll out, themselves, on roller skates and uniforms that just screamed fun. Soon, you’d have your burgers and fries, root beer floats and milkshakes, and—oh!—the cheese! Brought right to your car windows in the hippest place in town! Well, something as fun as that can’t just be let go. It is time to channel the fun of the past and make some new memories in retro style. Of course, it wouldn’t be fun just to grab a burger. Just imagine how much fun it would be to channel those Car Hop days with a stylish look! PRODUCT DETAILSDig this: your little car hop costume has a black top and light blue, satin skirt. It would be styled just like the uniforms the waitresses wore in the 1950s. Maybe even a petticoat for 50s flare. A “Junior’s Diner” logo would have to be printed on the front and back of the top so everybody at the party could see you coming. A prim collar and short sleeve trim could combine with a crisp white apron for the real authentic look! Of course, topping off the look with a pillbox hat would be crucial. Now, are you ready for the best surprise of all? We’ve got the whole thing ready for you with this Car Hop costume! TRUE 50s FUNYou’ll finally be able to bring the swell times to life again and it won’t even require doing the work to restore an actual old-timey diner! Of course, if you do start up a Car Hop Diner after you get this costume, be sure to let us know!

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