Women’s Cleopatra Wig


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The ideal costume is one that tells people who you really are on the inside. Now, if you’re like us, then you’re modest, the humblest person on earth, and otherwise perfect in any way. That’s why nothing less than a true-to-life living deity will do for your next costume. So why not Cleopatra? What’s more down to earth than a lady who literally signed her name “The Goddess Cleopatra?” It’s time to stop living in de-Nile and let your inner pharaoh shine. That’s why we’ve recreated the great leader’s famous black wavy hair and blunt bangs in this perfect wig to pull off her look. Don’t worry — the hair is synthetic, so no empresses were shaved in the making of this hairpiece. Doing that would have been un-pharaoh. (Come on, you knew you were signing up for Egypt puns when you clicked on this.)

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