Women’s Ivy Girl Costume


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The toughest part of living in this modern age is the blurring of the lines between good and evil. It gets to the point that you’re not even sure where you stand on the spectrum. When a well-known superhero is just as likely to jump up from the shadows and clobber a guy as he is to ask him what has brought him to a shady alley, do we really call the guy good? Well, perhaps the shady alley dealings make things a little clearer for us, but a number of the so-called villains have some pretty decent personalities and reasons for their activities!It seems like plenty of ladies walk the line when it comes to the law. Does one follow the path of the cat burglar? Perhaps you play the role of morally ambiguous jester? But this gal is a woman that has some real blurry merit.. She just wants to protect the environment and keep her beloved plant life from being squashed and tortured under the hands of a world of people who care nothing about what they do the planet! Sometimes they just need to be taught a lesson… and that sometimes involves giant, poisonous, carnivorous plant monsters! Who can blame her?Well, blameless or not, you have the opportunity to really walk in her shoes and understand exactly where she comes with thanks to this Women’s Ivy Girl costume. This stunning green number will make you look just like the femme fatale thanks to its vivid green corset with structured bust. It has her iconic trail of ivy vine leaves flowing down the front and ivy-like mesh off the lower hemline. Accessorize yourself with a ruby red wig and the perfect balance of green ad black makeup and you’ll be more than just tiptoeing through the tulips; you’ll be commanding them!

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