Women’s Jane Costume


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Feeling a little wild this Halloween? Then this Adult Jane Costume is perfect. There are a few rules of the jungle that you need to know:Always holler when you’re swinging from tree branch to tree branch. It’s to make sure you don’t run into other forest swingers as you’re twenty feet up in the air. Always beware of anything colorful if it’s colorful then it’s probably dangerous. You don’t want to eat, touch, or kiss even the prettiest little frogs. They will not turn into princes that will take you back to civilization. And thirdly, have fun with it! You’re going to be out there with Tarzan for a while. Try to ignore the endless bug bites and forget about the niceties or your sophisticated past. You’ll get used to boar roasted over an open fire and the delicious fruits of the jungle soon enough. If you do find yourself suddenly back on a civil shore you might find yourself longing for the mysterious sounds and fresh breezes of the wild. So, make sure you enjoy every moment of it. You’ll feel like the queen of the jungle when you wear this on Halloween. But what makes being the queen of the jungle better than any other country in the world? That the royal outfit is far sexier than any other royal costume, it has to be for all that wild jungle action. It includes a one-shoulder crop top, an asymmetrical skirt, and leg sashes for a tough look. So join your king, Tarzan, in a fun couple’s look this holiday!

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