Women’s Midnight Pirate Costume

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Argh, matey! Be ye looking for the perfect outfit for sailing the seven seas in style? Something that is equally at home at a fancy captain’s dinner and crossing swords with rival buccaneers? We understand the difficulties that can occur when you try to find an outfit that’s both practical and fashionable, especially when it needs to withstand the elements and the force of the entire ocean. You can’t exactly run to the nearest shopping mall, either, not when you’re hundreds of miles from the nearest coast. What’s a stylish pirate captain to do?We’ve heard from hundreds of captains just like you, and we’ve taken those needs seriously! After doing months of preliminary research and crowd sourcing, we’ve come up with the perfect solution: Blackbeard’s Booty, a special delivery service created just to send fashionable new clothes to pirate captains too busy to take time off for a trip to the mall. Through our (patent-pending) one-of-a-kind service, we ship personalized outfits and accessories right to your ship via specially trained albatrosses. We guarantee quick, quality products. If your outfit isn’t delivered within two weeks of order, it’s free!We’re still raising funds to increase our inventory, but the first outfit is already ready to order: our Women’s Midnight Pirate Costume. This sultry costume includes a bright red velour vest with stylish ruffled lace jabot along with luxurious black-and-red striped pants and a trim black belt. The white tube top has black lace trim, to lend a touch of feminine charm. As soon as you put this on, you’ll be ready for adventure no matter where the wind takes you! Quick, order yours today!

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