Women’s Plus Size Fringe Hippie Costume 1X 2X


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Fringe FestivalCan we be real for a second? When we bought tickets to our local Fringe Festival we were a little disappointed. Don’t get us wrong, the rendition of Hamlet with a chicken as the main character was quite amusing. And we’re still wondering about what the giant baby dancing to Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper” meant. But through all those shows we didn’t see one booth celebrating fringe.That’s right, no talk of dangling leather, silk, or cotton. They didn’t even talk about tassels. After calling management and complaining they calmly explained to us that the festival was about alternative theater, not our favorite clothing schtick. They did recommend an Annie Oakley spoken word piece in which, we were happy to say, she was indeed wearing a fringed buckskin jacket.Details & DesignNow we’re still working planning our very own, “Fringed Festival” but in the meantime, you can show your admiration for the fringe look by wearing this wildly groovy hippie costume. As it’s Made by Us, our in-house designers put their creative touches on this costume. That’s why this look is rare with an authentically late-sixties shade of orange paisley making up the bell-sleeved dress. It’s layered under a long-fringed vest and paired with layered boot covers that shimmy as you groove. The whole ensemble is topped with a matching headband. Because what better way to show that you’re a down to earth flower child than keeping your hair in place with nothing but a strip of fabric?Nature ChildAre you ready to get in touch with your down to earth style? We think you’re going to be good at it. Finish off your look with long flowing hair, golden aviator glasses, big earrings, and peace sign accessories. Shake things up, get groovy, and get on that VW bus. Who knows what’ll happen when you set yourself free!

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