Women’s Plus Size Pretty Mad Hatter Costume


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Garden Tea-PartyThe Mad Hatter was invited to a high tea. Being the master of lively tea parties, there was no thought of refusal, but what would be a suitable outfit for such a grand affair? The same dark suit with a zany tie and worn-out top hat would never do. Then the Hatter found out that the high tea was to be held in a garden. It became clear that a spring-inspired ensemble would be best. Looking for a fresh take on a classic look the Mad Hatter turned to us. With the Hatter’s over-sized top hat and extravagant bowtie in our hands, we were asked Do you know why a flower is like a ticking clock? We didn’t have an answer and couldn’t be sure what the Hatter’s new riddle meant, but before we could ask, the Hatter had hopped out the door.Design & DetailsOur team of designers assumed that mentioning flowers meant they needed to think spring and from there, our Pretty Mad Hatter Costume blossomed. Starting with pastel colors and florals prints, the exclusive ensemble came together to create something special. With flowers in mind, a bell-sleeve jacket with stitched in ruffles was created in a pink fit for the prettiest bud. The Hatter’s old bowtie was replaced with a fuller, bright-pink striped bow. A floral print fabric was used to create the scallop-edged shorts and large top hat that are sure to make anyone look like they’re nestled in a garden bed.Answered RiddleWhen the Hatter stopped by to pick up their new look we waited with bated breath for a word of approval. The Hatter smirked at us and donned the new floral hat before skipping back out of the building. No words were said, but we were certain this garden-inspired look was the answer to the Hatter’s mad riddle.

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