Women’s Punky Candy Corn Witch Plus Size Costume 1X 2X

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“Double, double, toil and trouble!” Trouble is this witch’s middle name. We’re not talking about tiny tribulations and small inconveniences, this sassy sorceress knows how to brew up some serious mayhem. She’s a brute when it comes to pulverizing pumpkins and she loves kicking over cauldrons with her perfectly pointy shoes, and nothing can stop her because she also has magical powers that shoot from her wand whenever she flicks her wrist. You should hear her cackle while she’s on a witchy rampage! Her trickery may be a disturbance, but this crafty little witch not only exasperates her onlookers… she also has the ability to dazzle them simultaneously. She can stupefy observers with her foxy fashion choices which is basically a magical ability within itself! Now, that’s one magically savvy witch! You’ll wow whatever coven you belong to when you stomp in wearing this Punky Witch costume. Especially designed for plus size women, this cute costume puts a fun twist on a classic Salem-esque type witch costume. The cap sleeves on the button-up compliment the bottom half of the dress and of course, the trendy short cape that’s attached. The orange and black striped tights bright out that “punky” vibe that will set you apart from the other witches. Top off the look with an orange wig and a pointy hat and you’ll be ready to concoct some serious toil and trouble, with or without the use of potions!

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