Women’s Sequined Unicorn Costume

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A unicorn taleYou might not have thought much about it when you stumbled upon that secret map, or when you followed it and sauntered out to a majestic meadow. But you did, and the events that followed are not going to be parsed from your memory any time soon. You encountered a covenant of unicorns, and they asked you to join their cadre. So, we’re just dying to know, did you accept their invitation?We sure hope you did, and if that indeed is the case, there’s only one thing to do. We gotta get you decked out in full frilly unicorn fashion. And, as it happens, we’ve got just the thing. This Women’s Sequined Unicorn Costume. This tantalizing dress is pink, vibrant, and sequin enhanced. It’s everything you need to do your fellow unicorns proud this Halloween!Design & DetailsOkay, gotcha. You might not actually be a member of the unicorn species, but that’s sure no reason not to dress up as one this Halloween. This fantastic unicorn costume will be just the thing for your transformation! designed as a short cut romper with long sleeves, it’s fully finished in pink and silver sequins, and it’s got even more unicorn style packed into it’s design. That’s cause it’s got a faux fur tail, pink “hoof” like cuffs with more accent fur, and naturally, ears and a soft sculpted horn on the hood. It even comes with foot covers to complete your wild appearance!Don’t mess aroundHey, when it comes to Halloween, we say don’t mess around. If you wanna unicorn, just unicorn! Of course, we’ve got plenty of ways to go-all-out on your mono-horned ensemble. Add a pink wig (like we have it pictured) or add a pair of pink high heels (sold separately). Or, you could even use one of our latex unicorn masks to become the legendary creature you’ve always wanted to be!

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