Women’s Sexy Space Princess Wig


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Most of us have to spend a ton of time in the morning to try to get our hair to hit the mark. It can be a horribly time consuming process, but we should feel privledged. Not everyone can even afford that time! In the Hut Cartel, there are slaves that are lucky to even get time to take a seat. But, just because you’re a slave doesn’t mean you have to ignore your usual beauty routine. We realize that making sure that your hair is in stylistic state isn’t one of your top concerns when you have iron shackles around your ankles and wrists and you’re only given one meal a day, but we’ll hook you up with an accessory that will have your hair looking long and luscious!This slave girl wig will keep your hair out of your face while you’re busy scrubbing the floor, polishing silverware, and tending to all your master’s many (and disgusting) needs. You’ll get the sleek look which features a top-knot braid and another long single braid that hangs down in a low-ponytail style. You’ll look glamorous while fulfilling your slave duties because no one said that looking frumpy was a necessary obligation when you’re working as a slave girl! (And who knows, if your chains don’t work, you can try the braid as a strangulation implement!)

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