Women’s Statue of Liberty Costume


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Liberty or BustLady Liberty has seen a lot since she took her post next to Ellis Island in 1885. She’s seen millions of the tired, poor, and huddled masses that were sited on the plaque at her base. She’s witnessed humanity’s wild conquering of technology from the steam-powered ships that used to creep into her harbor to the jets that ease to and from JFK. She’s stood in the face of a hundred hurricanes and hasn’t blinked an eye. Except for that one time David Copperfield made her disappear, she’s always been the site to see whenever anyone visits the iconic city of New York, New York. So when it comes to finding an epic costume that says you care while also making you feel like a leading lady, this exclusively designed costume is the way to go!Design & DetailsWhen it came to designing a Lady Liberty costume, we wanted to do her elegance and timeless grace justice. That’s why our in house designers worked to make a gorgeous emerald green ensemble that merged toga and gown into a piece you can comfortably move in. Every detail is thought over from the pleated and folded bodice to the layered skirt and hemline. Pair it with a torch and tiara and you’ll be ready to your place as an icon of freedom and justice for all!Freedom Has a Ring to ItLooking for a costume you can wear on more than one occasion? That’s the beauty of a Made by Us look. With quality design, you’ll find yourself pulling this look out time and time again! From 4th of July pageants to parties, you’ll find yourself at liberty to throw on this green gown whenever the situation seems right! Want to make this a couple’s costume? Team up with Uncle Sam to give any costume party a patriotic spin. Why not? It’s a free country, after all!

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