Women’s Transylvania Wig


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Look, we know you’ve got better things to worry about than your hair. You just got created by a mad scientist, this monster dude you don’t even know – and don’t even care to know, quite frankly – keeps trying to get all up in your grill about marrying him, and each decision you make basically can either make or break the future of a monster race and/or the destruction of human kind.So just give yourself a break! When life gets hectic, it’s important to focus on the big things and let the small stuff stay the small stuff, you know? So you do you, boo, and leave the hair stuff to us with this women’s Transylvania wig. It makes getting ready in the morning/dead of night so easy – you just slip it on and go! It even has an interior wire frame to maintain shape, so it’ll still look great when you’re screaming and running in horror from your intended mate! Stay strong, girl!

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