Woodstock Hippie Girls Costume


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Getting Into the GrooveDoes your little one have a free spirit? Does she know how to dance to the wildest beat even if she hasn’t listened to a full Grateful Dead album yet? Can you see her taking to the streets for equal rights, justice, and peace? She just might be a hippie at heart! While parents in the sixties might have worried when they saw their kids getting drawn to radical patterns and progressive conversation, folks these days recognize a bright future for their kids! You can imagine a future that includes art, music, and brewing homemade kombucha. What’s not to love about the modern hippy lifestyle? Embrace your kiddo’s love of all things radical with a Woodstock hippie dress that’ll make her look as groovy as she feels!Details & DesignWant a high-quality hippie look that your child can wear again and again? Then a Made by Us costume is a great way to go! Our designers put together a bright and cheerful hippie dress after choosing their favorite looks from the Woodstock era. That’s how we matched the bright purple paisley and floral design with the elegant wide sleeves. The costume is topped with a laidback headband to make sure your kiddo is ready to get into character as soon as she unwraps this look. Peace de RésistanceWhile there are plenty of kids dressing up as hippies out there, this look stands out, even among a funky crowd! Whether you’re helping your little one find the perfect look for Halloween, a play, or even a pop concert, this look will help your kiddo feel like a true flower child. Pair it with fade sunglasses, peace sign accessories, and a laid-back attitude and your child’s costume will be complete. Thank goodness, cause we can all use a little more peace, love, and harmony!

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