WWE Roddy Piper Adult Mask


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Sometimes, the best answer to a situation is to get a little rowdy. Now, you don’t want to get rowdy at your grandma’s 80th birthday party and you probably don’t want to get rowdy at your kid’s piano recital, but when Ric Flair is staring at you in the ring… well, that’s when it’s time to start a commotion. And no one knows more about getting rowdy than WWE’s Roddy Piper himself.Now, not everyone is blessed Mr. Piper’s rugged good looks, but if you want to get rowdy, then you’d better get your look all straightened out. The good news for you is that this Rowdy Roddy mask turns anyone into a rough and tumble wrestling superstar. Once you put it on, you can strut your stuff in the ring. You can tune up Ric Flair proper. You can even pummel Hulk Hogan. Just make sure that whatever you do, you do it all rowdy like.

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