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A Gauzy GarmentLet’s celebrate one particular garment for a moment. The tutu. Is that cool with you? The tutu, of course, comes from the world of ballet, where dancers and ballerinas have worn the elegant gauzy tulle and silk skirts in performances since the 1800s. But, we’re here to clue you in that you can definitely use a tutu for more than dancing. You can use it to express yourself! And in no way more so than by adding a tutu to your costume of choice. A cute addition to costumes for women and girls, we’ve got a great option to fit little ones with this Child Yellow Tutu. Sized just right for kids, this tutu works great for bee costumes or even for a yellow princess or Power Ranger!Product DetailsGet your kiddo this Child Yellow Tutu and they’ll be ready for an amazing dance performance or to buzz around like a real queen bee. Sized just right for kids, this tutu features elegant polyester tulle and a wide elastic waistband for fit. It even has a touch of glitter and ribbon edging. Pair it with yellow tights or a yellow leotard for their big dance performance, or pick it up to go along with any one of our kid’s costume that features a yellow theme!

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