Yeti Paw Mitt Glove for Kids


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Yeti or NotYetis might just be the best hide-and-seek players. Except, maybe, your kiddo. Yetis have yet to be proven to exist, but they’ve also not been 100% disproven. We assume they think we’ve all been playing a giant game of hide-and-seek and they’re simply crushing the competition. Your child’s top choice of activities is also hide-and-seek. They have never reused a hiding spot and they are always forced to reveal themselves to end the game.Like yeti-believers collect footprints to prove their mountain-dwelling legend exists, you’ve started looking for fingerprints to find your kid at playtime. So far, it hasn’t been the most successful­—it’s too easy to mistake your own fingerprints for your kid’s. Looking to the other great hide-and-seek players of the world, you found that believers make an effort to collect fur along with prints, and inspiration hit!Product DetailsLet your child tap into their yeti qualities and level the hide-and-seek playing field with these Kids Yeti Paw Mitts! Your kiddo will feel like they have the advantage while they find their next hiding place in the cozy gloves. The vinyl paw pads and soft-sculpted claws mean your child won’t leave behind any paw prints, and the fleece-lining will have them ready to explore even the darkest and coldest corners of the basement to hide in. But the white faux fur may just give you the upper hand by revealing your hiding yeti before they’re ready.Most BelievableThe existence of yetis may still be up for debate, but with these Kids Yeti Paw Mitts, your child will be ready to bring the legend to life! Whether they are playing hide-and-seek or trick-or-treating as the wintery beast, your kiddo will have everything they need to even make skeptics believe!

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