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A lot of people assume that zombies don’t need love just because they thirst relentlessly and eternally after the flesh of the living. How unfair, right? While we can’t deny that the undead do munch on human skin, that other stuff about them not needing companionship is just a whole lot of hogwash. They need friends just as much as anyone else! And since it’s hard to set them up on a playdate with actual people (understandably), how about a pet? You don’t have to roam the world of the undead alone anymore thanks to this Zombie Dog Costume!It’s a fun, creative, and deliciously gross way to get your little four-legged pal in on the Halloween action this year! Easy to put on and easy for your dog to wear, the costume consists of three pieces: a gauzy shirt that looks like it was just dug up from a grave… a belt that makes it look like your pooch’s spine and rib cage are exposed… and a headpiece that shows off how big your dog’s brains are — literally. And the hat attaches easily with an elastic chin strap so you won’t have to worry about those brains slipping!This outfit will be such a hit at the big costume party that little Fido might just steel the entire show. So this Halloween, suit up your canine companion in the Zombie Dog Costume and let him join your zombie horde as it resumes its never-ending quest for human flesh!

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