Zombie Girl’s Prom Queen Costume


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Stayin’ AliveBarren High School is ready for prom night. Black tulle drapes decorate the auditorium’s high ceilings. A cracked disco ball hangs above a fogged dance floor. As students enter, they’re welcomed by a banner reading: Stayin’ Alive. Awkward couples dance to Killer Queen before it fades to silence. Principal Coffman of Barren High limps to the microphone with a black envelope clutched in his hand. The Prom Royalty Court clumsily adjust their 70s suits and satin sleeves. No one is breathing. Like a whisper in a graveyard, the principal announces the winners. Deep, gravely groans echo through the dark auditorium and the King and Queen stumble toward the stage. With their arms stretched out, mouths agape, and pale eyes glowing, they look as good as death warmed over.It seems that this zombie prom will be worthy of recall in lengthy eulogies and for quippy gravestone epithets.Product DetailsGet ready your child ready for their own dark and spooky party with this Zombie Prom Queen Costume. They’ll look like the freshest zombie at prom while they dance the night away in this elegantly torn dress. The full tulle skirt is accented with faux flowers that look like a great graveyard decoration. A matching corsage is included for your little zombie and pulls this costume together. The included Prom Queen sash and 2-piece crown headband are the perfect accessories for any confident prom-goer, living or dead!Killer QueenThere’s a stereotype that uncrowned prom queens are a little bit scary. We’re not sure how accurate that is, but we do know if the queen candidate is a member of the living dead, they’re probably not someone to mess with… When your kiddo is off to claim the crown at their own school dance or out for a night of tricks and treats, they’ll look full of life in this Zombie Prom Queen Costume!

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