Zombie School Girl Costume for Girls


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Morning ZombieSome kids are morning kids. They’re up at the brink of dawn and ready to tackle the school day! They’re ready to face new experiences and new challenges. They’ll even wake up mom and day to share in their love of the morning of another school day! Other kids? Well, when they get out of bed to face another day in school, they look a little bit like a zombie. Some kids look like they could use a cup of coffee before they get on the school bus…Well, for all of those kids out there they get their zombie practice in while heading off to school, we have this Girl’s Zombie School Girl Costume. It’s one part cute, one part scary, and all parts zombie! It comes with everything your girl needs to get in touch with her zombie self.Product DetailsThis Girl’s Zombie School Girl Costume is a simple outfit that combines the freaky look of a zombie with the cute style of a classic school girl outfit. It starts with a jacket that has a jagged, tattered look. It features an uneven hemline and it also has an attached white shirt front. Red “blood” splatters on the front of the shirt helps to give this costume a frightening appeal, perfect for any aspiring zombie! The costume also comes with a red, plaid skirt that also has a jagged, tattered look. The skirt has an elastic band in the waist to help provide a comfortable fit. Finally, the costume comes with a necktie that fits around the neck with an elastic band. It all combines for a look that acts as the perfect start to a zombie look!Embrace the Inner UndeadAny girl can indulge in her inner zombie with this Girl’s Zombie Costume! Be sure to check out some of our zombie makeup kits to complete the look.

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